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Sisters stop bleaching!

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I have noticed that skin bleaching is making a dangerous comeback in The Gambia. Why are our sisters bleaching? We cannot be white like them, the Europeans who make and sell the bleaching creams for us. We cannot be like them without losing sanity. No one can be African and European. The African and European ways are irreconcilably incompatible. Not even amalgamation can change that. Our way is, has been and always will be African.

So, we cannot ask of ourselves the mentacidal questions they put in our minds. We cannot seriously ask ourselves irrelevant questions or believe answers which lead to forgetfulness. Our questions must always lead us home. For, how can you find your way home by forgetting your way home?

How can you find your way home by forgetting how you got to where you are now? How can you find your way home without figuring out how you got lost in the first place? Unless you see home as some backward, barbaric, pagan outland or limit it to the place your stolen ancestors were brought to, you must look further than the deception of white lies to find our truth.

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Are African women not content with our natural beauty and skin colour? Black is beautiful!

Do you know that skin bleaching thins your skin, weakens your muscles, destroys your skin cells (melanin), slows the healing of wound, and in some cases lead to osteoporosis? African women must stop bleaching their skin, it makes no sense. We must regain our African consciousness. You have been informed.

I also wish President Yahya Jammeh will reinstitute the decree that banned skin bleaching in The Gambia.

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Ya Rose Njie



Why Israel is a racist country


Dear editor,


Despite denials, Israel is an apartheid state. The term apartheid means “the state of being apart” and was a system of legislated racial separatism in South Africa. There are striking parallels between Zionist Israel and apartheid South Africa. Let’s look at Israel’s blatantly racist laws. 

With very few exceptions, only Jews can immigrate. Outside of Russian immigration, immigrants to Israel must prove that their mother was or is Jewish. Christians cannot immigrate to Israel. Muslims most certainly cannot immigrate to Israel.  Why have such a racist law on the books when 20% of the population are Muslim Arabs? Simple. Zionists claim that Jews deserve a homeland.  

Jews cannot marry anyone other than Jews. Muslims in Israel cannot marry anyone other than Muslims. Even secular Jews cannot marry Christians or Muslims in Israel. This is the law. To marry outside one’s faith, couples need to leave Israel to countries like Cyprus where they can marry and return as a married couple. Even Apartheid South Africa abolished the Prohibition of Mixed Marriage act in 1985, prior to which time whites could not marry blacks and vice versa. In Israel this racism is still going on today! Not just similar to Apartheid, WORSE than Apartheid.

It all ties to the racist Zionism that demands Jews and ONLY Jews have a right to this land. Zionists know that if Israel allowed non-Jews to immigrate and if she allowed Jews to marry non-Jews, the country would be unable to maintain her racist laws because her mixed citizenry would not tolerate it. It’s a massive Catch 22. To preserve the racial majority within colonised lands, Israel cannot avoid being an apartheid state. And it is doomed to fail, just as Apartheid failed.

We are all aware of the problems caused by Israeli settlements on Arab lands.  Zionists claim ALL the land from King David’s time belongs to Jews and only Jews. Even after the war in ‘1948, Jordan occupied the West Bank, not Israel. The settlements in Judea / Samaria are factually on Arab land from the time Israel was recognized in ’48. Israel is basically stealing these lands and claiming them as “Jewish” property.  Jewish property and the indigenous Arabs are not allowed there. 

And while this is obviously an obstacle to peace with those Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens, even within Israel proper the Zionist government discriminates against and steals the land from her Arab Palestinian or Bedouin citizenry. 

There is no excuse for it. It is blatant racism no different from Apartheid South African whites stealing land from South African blacks and moving them elsewhere. 


Muhammad Lamin Sibi

Old Jeshwang


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