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Imam Baba Leigh of the Kanifing East Central Mosque has likened the behaviour of some Muslim leaders to Hollywood actors.

Addressing Eid congregation Tuesday, Imam Leigh said many Muslims would now go about wearing big pictures on their chest as if they are cinema actors.

”A Muslim should be one who is humble and being one does not require putting on big cloths, or going by big titles or bragging. God does not care about anybody’s father or mother’s name because no one is big before the eyes of God.

We should instead all thank God for guiding us to become Muslims because none of us could have chosen his/her destiny for him or herself,” he added.

The Imam further stated that Gambian Muslims should stop bragging that they are pure Muslims because it is only God who accords such prestige.

“Sometimes you see someone holding rosary beads bragging that he is a pure Mouride or Tijanni without knowing what it is really meant to be a Tijanni or a Mouride.

If the likes of Sheikh Ahmad Tijanni and Serigne Touba were to wake up from their graves today they would wage a Jihad against their own followers because of their behaviour.

They would let their followers know that the God that is in Touba is the same God everywhere and the only way to get to him is to do good and pray. No one can promise anyone Paradise,” the Imam concluded.

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