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Standard reporter attends Ecowas peace forum

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The workshop is organised by Ecowas and it commences today.

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Speaking before her departure, Ms Sise said: “The meeting is being held in line with Ecowas Vision 2020 and also in conformity with its mandate of collaborating with civil society organisations in the quest to strengthen existing partnerships and forging new ones.”

She also revealed that research has identified two ways of practising early warning through collecting, disseminating, analysing data and raising alerts where necessary, or empowering local populations to better prepare for and respond to threats to themselves and their community.


She added: “I am optimistic that this workshop will also explore the potential role of civil society organisations in the Ecowas EWD Peace Forum.

“The organisers expect that at the end of the forum, a clearly defined role for identified CSOs in early warning and early response and an updated database of CSOs will be developed.” 

The forum brings together 55 participants from the 15 Ecowas member states, a team of experts, the media and the Ecowas Commission staff, to map the way forward for better collaboration with civil society in the Ecowas region in the framework of the operationalisation of the National Early Warning and Response Mechanism.


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