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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I survive a tough contest-Nianija NAM

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The National Reconciliation Party’s elected member for Nianija Constituency Hon Amadou Camara has said the recently concluded national assembly elections was very important and his constituency was among the most hotly contested seats.

One of the candidates was Seedy Njie the powerful APRC spokesman.
”Defeating Seedy Njie was one of the greatest achievements of my political career for the start. He messed during the political impasse by contributing to the instability of the country with negative remarks,” he said.
Hon. Camara said he took victory on a narrow margin. “If you look at the margin between me and Habsana the PDOIS candidate, it is only 68 votes but victory is victory. The reason behind my success was I try to convince the APRC supporters that their regime has changed and they have to accept and most of them agreed and were part of my campaign team,” Camara  said .

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