Tango boss asks president to confer highest order on Modou Turo Darboe


Mr Yarbo said this during the presentation of grants amounting to D215,000 by VDF to several governmental and non-governmental organisations including Tango by Mr Darboe and his organisation on Wednesday evening at VDF sub-office in Tallinding. Among the recipients are Latrikunda Sabiji Ward Development Committee, the Department of Immigration, Daddy Jobe Comprehensive School, Salikenni Touray Kunda Mosque, Talinding Gidima Kafo and others.

Mr Yarbo said he has been involved with the work of VDF and Mr Darboe for a long time and that the work of the NGOs in the drive to alleviate acute poverty is critical. He said: “In the drive for poverty alleviation, the best way is to deal directly with the people. That is what VDF and Momodou Turo Darboe have been doing. He has been tenaciously, silently and efficiently supporting organisations, community groups, institutions of learning and individual persons who need help month in, month out. 

“I was aware of what he did last Ramadan by giving out money, fish, rice and sugar to hundreds of people daily for their sustenance during the blessed month and at Koriteh he gave out hundreds of rams to indigents throughout the country. As for this grant to Tango, it is a complete surprise to me. We cannot repay him but God will reward him.”


Sirrah Badjie of the Talinding Gidima women’s group said the grant to her association will be used for road rehabilitation on the pothole strewn roads which are becoming unmotorable and impeding access to vital social amenities like the health centre, market and cemetery.

Similar sentiments were expressed by representatives of the other recipient organisations. 

Speaking earlier, the vice chairman of the board of directors of VDF, Mr Adama Jeng, said since its inception, VDF has been supporting various development initiatives including the rehabilitation of roads, digging of wells, youth and women’s groups, religious institutions (Muslim and Christian) and poverty alleviation.  He said the handing out of cheques was part of the traditional monthly disbursements by the founder and the patron of the foundation, Momodou Turo Darboe. 

Mr Manta Jallow, the VDF programme officer noted that Mr Momodou Turo Darboe and his organisation have been carrying out similar disbursements for the past fifteen years and thanked him for his generosity and his willingness to help the economically-challenged.  

“What Mr Darboe is doing is not a thing to be buried. The only reason we are publicising it is so that people hear about it and hopefully some emulate him and we have a domino effect.We want there to be a lot more Momodou Turo Darboes,” he said. VDF senior programme officer Momodou Lamin Jagne also underscored this point, noting that whatever Mr Darboe did is to complement government efforts. 

The councilor of Latrikunda Sabiji said Mr Darboe’s philanthropy is not limited to The Gambia but extends even to Casamance. “He is not doing this for name or for politics; his only reason is to help people. I have known him from childhood and what he is doing is a continuation of what his father used to do.”

Mr Darboe declined to comment but thanked the recipients for being worthy of the grants.