Taxi driver allegedly arrested with drugs seeks bail

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By Binta A Bah

Sambujang Dibba, who was allegedly arrested with cocaine and heroin alongside five others, has filed a motion seeking for bail at the high court.

Dibba, currently detained at the Jeshwang prison camp, was remanded by the Banjul Magistrates’ Court since July 2022.


In his bail application, Dibba begged the state to consider that as a taxi driver he provides for his wife and son, who depend on him for their livelihood.

“Before my arrest and detention, I was working as a taxi driver/tour guide and providing for my wife, son and mother but now they do not have anyone to provide for them,” he begged the court.

High court judge, B.A Bakre will hear his bail application on March 8.

Dibba was arrested with five others in June last year in Banjul and put on trial on three charges of conspiracy to commit an offence, possession of prohibited drugs for the purpose of trafficking. They are accused of being in possession of 600g of cocaine and 2g of heroin. They all denied the charges.