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Gambia to host health seminar

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The Gambia Center for Research and Policy Studies (GCRPS) is set to host a health seminar in Banjul on Saturday, 25 February at the UTG conference room.
The non-governmental (think-tank) organisation is working closely with governments and civil society in the identification of bottlenecks, suggestions of practical solutions and promotion of appropriate development practices. The organisation focuses on research, consultancy, policy studies and analysis, training workshops, seminars and conferences.
The Banjul seminar will be centred around healthcare and maternal health, paediatrics, brain tumor, family health, health weight and health equity in the Gambia. Health experts from different fields are expected to lead the discussions at the seminar organised to inspire, promote, and educate on the state of healthcare in The Gambia.
The theme of the seminar is ‘Organizational Death’ reflecting on the inevitability of death for humans, just as it exists for organizations. The discussions will also focus on finding solutions for life longevity as the human organism is a holistic system that requires constant reflection.

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