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Teacher calls for end to tribal politics

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By Alagie Manneh

Following the European Union Election Observer Mission’s report, which observed that at least at one rally some members of the GDC and UDP called on certain tribes to vote for them, a teacher, a private citizen Kebba Drammeh, a resident of Brikama, has called on the parties concerned to desist from tribal politics in the Gambia.
Speaking to The Standard Mr Drammeh said tribal politics is primitive, and has the potential to retard the country’s national development goals.

“Any party, whose only aim and objective is to use tribal politics to gain momentum, is a failed political party,” Mr Drammeh, who once unsuccessfully contested the Niani-Kuntaur local government election under the ticket of PDOIS, said.  The GDC has since denied that it ever canvassed votes on tribal lines.
He added:“This tribal politics may now become a great concern now but it has been here for long and PDOIS has been sensitizing people against it.”

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Drammeh said tribal politics is only used by backward politicians whose ideas are primitive dangerous to society. He said the nature of Gambian people is unique because everyone knows everyone else and we are all one big family. ‘What sould be our focus is Gambianess as there no is Mandinka passport, Fula passport, Jola passport or Wollof passport. It is only a Gambian passport meaning that Gambia comes first,” Drammeh said.
Mr Drammeh also disagreed with GDC’s decision to contest the national assembly election results.
“I believe there was no fraud. The results were credible. It’s the people’s will.”

Meanwhile, Mr Drammeh hailed the presence of the few PDOIS members in the assembly saying that with their experience the young and new ones will be well-guided and enlightened on how the national assembly functions.

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