The African Voice in Germany – 22 years of Africa positive


She is known in Germany as the “African Voice” and has particularly emerged from public debates for her commitment to a positive view of African countries and her rejection to development Aid.

At 19, Veye Tatah moved to Germany to study computer science. When it came to Africa, the pictures on TV were always the same: starving children, armed rebels. She was shocked when seeing the negative images of Africa in the media. She immediately wondered what she could do to show the German public that Africa also has good things that are not reported about.

In the start-up phase in 1998, the main goal was to convey a more realistic, objective picture of the African continent in the German-speaking countries and to reduce prejudices and integration hurdles for Africans living in Dortmund. The African Continent and its people should be presented in all its facets.


As a Veye Tatah was still a student her aim of starting this initiative was to empower Africans and also to promote a positive coverage of Africa in the media through the Africa Positive magazine.  The Africa Positive magazine is based on an African-German collaboration and represents a counterpoint to the predominantly negative media coverage. The magazine AFRICA POSITIVE is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Magazine is produced by voluntary workers from different professional fields.

Nowadays “Africa Positive” is not just a magazine, but a must-read for many Africans and those interested in Africa in the German speaking European countries.

Community service and empowerment

Together with partners and dedicated volunteers, the association developed further goals and fields of work – based on the conviction that education, sensitization and intercultural encounter are essential prerequisites for a successful coexistence.

At the same time, the project work should promote migrants’ self-esteem, identity and potential in Germany. Since 2008, Africa Positive has been helping the African community as well as Migrants from different continents living in and around Dortmund to improve their perspective on life. Nationwide, the association pursues the goal of stimulating dialogue between cultures and strengthening intercultural skills in society. 2010 her organisation started the Afro Ruhr Festival to celebrate the African cultures and promote African Music and food. (

Launch of the Ubuntu series animations

In the past few decades the dynamics and the wind of change are getting stronger on the African Continent. Many people are fed-up with the status quo and the youths are yearning for positive change in every aspect of their lives. Everyone wants change however, most of us fail to admit to some of the blame for our current situation, and the Ubuntu Series is here to raise this awareness.

The purpose of the Ubuntu Series is to sensitize Africans of the need and responsibility of each and everyone of us to bring about a positive change in our continent.

Veye Tatah, is the creative brain behind the Ubuntu series. Her Organisation Africa Positive

created the Africa Institute of Media, Migration and Development (AIMMAD) in 2018 with the objective to work closely with African and German research institutes to promote knowledge transfer by the African Diaspora.

Conscious of the often negative media courage about the African continent, Africa Positive launched the Ubuntu Series, which aims at “sensitizing people of African descent about attitudes and behaviors that disrupt the development of our continent” said Tatah.  Convinced that a change in mindset can empower Africans to find homemade solutions for the challenges they face, Africa Positive started producing animations to reach out to a target group from different backgrounds.

The first episode of the Ubuntu Series titled:

“We Turn the Page” has four characters, representing young Africans on the continent who see the West as their escape route. This episode highlights the following:

o          Decolonization of our societies and our mindset. Revisiting our colonial history in order to understand the future. 

o          Potentials in our continent, supporting and valuing our own Initiatives and products “made in Africa” by Africans.

o          Dependency on foreign aid and donation that hampers our developmental progress and distorts our markets.

o          Ethnicity and tribalism that is an obstacle to development in many African countries.

The second Episode “Would you get into a car with a blind driver?” has four new characters and highlights the following:

o          Bad governance from employing inefficient workers leading to poor service delivery.

o          Ethnicity and Incompetence

o          Bribery and Corruption

The message of the Ubuntu Series is “let us be the change we want to see in others”. The series is educative, and encourages Africans to refocus their energies on their continent.

The episodes are both in English and French. The Ubuntu Series is accessible on Youtube:

Who is Veye Tatah?

Veye Tatah is a computer scientist and Entrepreneur from Cameroon.

She has successfully established two business enterprises in Dortmund, but she is better known for her tireless efforts to promote integration of African migrants in Germany. After completing her studies she worked for six years in the computer sciences department at the Dortmund University of Technology.

Tatah is currently self-employed as a consultant and project manager specializing in political, cross-cultural and media-related themes.

Of particular interest is the development policy in Africa. She is the founder of the Africa Positive organization and acts as the editor-in-chief of a magazine called AFRICA POSITIVE, which has been published in German-speaking countries since 1998. Tatah is also the owner of the Kilimanjaro-food catering and event company (

She received a couple of awards for her voluntary activities in promoting integration – Among others; in 2010 she received the Federal Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. (

She is the Author of the Book “Afrika 3.0” published in May 2014 which tackles the negative Image of Africa in the West.