The Gambia Football Federation has reported that it currently has a net asset of D71.7 million, a significant growth from D67M, from 2018 which it says is only made possible due to financial prudence and adherence to standard procedure. This disclosure was made by Kemo Ceesay, director of finance at AGM called by the Federation at the Football House Saturday. Delegates also unanimously adopted the reports presented by the football leadership and provided an opportunity for the football family to interface with the leadership of the GFF on activities of the year under review.

GFF president, Lamin Kaba Bajo in his comprehensive report to delegates, said the gathering is one of the most critical engagements of the football family as it avails members the opportunity to put forward reports of activities of the year ending and the programme of activities and the budget for 2021 for their approval, including a scrutiny of the financial activities of the Federation.

“The calendar year 2020 is of mixed feelings as it turned around to a global Covid-19 pandemic that has taken the world to a standstill and thus our football and its related activities halted abruptly. Despite that, the GFF under my stewardship since our assumption into Office in 2014 has not at any point skipped a single AGM. This robust performance is a testimony to our commitment to ensuring best operational efficiencies and the respect we attached to defending the GFF constitution in football management in line with both CAF and FIFA statutes and the national laws of The Gambia.”


Commenting on the GFF financial jurisprudence, Mr Bajo noted that the GFF under his leadership continues to put high esteem on the respect to the laws and conventions governing football and as such, “we will never deviate from articulating our competencies in good governance and efficient financial management”. He said the GFF will never relent in forging partnership with stakeholders, including the government of the Gambia and the private sector.

Foresight Chartered Certified and Management Accountants who audited the GFF accounts concluded that the GFF accounts are in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). “In our opinion, the Federation’s financial statements as at 31st December 2019 and of its financial performance and its cash flows for the year under review were prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the requirements of the Federation’s constitution,” Mr Bakary Sanyang of Foresight noted.

The GFF Finance Director, Kemo Ceesay highlighted the financial successes of the federation for the period 2019 attributing it to strict adherence to the rules and regulations in accordance with Fifa and CAF and as well as the monitoring and supervision from the executive committee. The report indicates D71.7 M as the current financial position of the Federation.

The Chairman of the Finance Committee and 1st Vice President, Bakary K Jammeh also presented the draft budget for the coming year, 2021. After brief deliberation on the financial report, delegates applauded the GFF for the proposed increment on the prize monies allocated for both male and female league winners, Super Cup Final, FF Cup Competition, subvention to the Regional Football Associations and the traditional support given to local clubs to the CAF Inter-Club competitions .The report was moved and adopted unanimously.

The AGM was attended by two delegates from each Male 1st and 2nd Division League Clubs; four delegates from each Regional Football Association and three delegates from each Allied Association.