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The bane of corruption

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One cannot fully fathom the evil of corruption and the destruction it can cause to a country. It has the potential of destroying everything, and everyone in its wake if it is left unchecked.

Equally, it is a very complex issue and fighting it is certainly very difficult. There will always be obstacles to anyone and anything that is to fight against corruption. If care is not taken the very ones fighting it will be consumed by it.

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In The Gambia, the talk of corruption has been a constant one since time immemorial, or so it seems. There was real enthusiasm to constitute an anti-corruption commission but it has proven to be easier said than done. Until now, there is no tangible proof to show that this will actually happen.

Perhaps it is this culture or its perception that caused many to have suspicious minds when it was announced that the government plans to spend five hundred million dalasi to fight the novel coronavirus. Many citizens raised eyebrows fearing how the money will be spent.

It seems that their fears were genuine as the minister of Health, Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh seems to have confirmed those fears when he revealed at the National Assembly on Saturday that some of the health workers have all but forgotten about the coronavirus and focused on the money.

The Minister made some disturbing revelations about corruption in his ministry which should certainly be investigated if the government is really serious about fighting graft. It is clear that the buck starts with him revealing those names which he alluded to as being irredeemably corrupt.

That is the only way he can prove that he is indeed serious and that the government should take it up from there and out all those found wanting in this saga.

Corruption is bad everywhere but it is worst in the health sector. Any dalasi that is embezzled from health funds can mean the life of someone.

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