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The drug war

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It is widely accepted in the world today that one of the greatest evils humankind faces is the menace of drugs.

Drugs are claiming thousands of lives every year and causing countless others to lose their minds.

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Due to the lucrative nature of the drug trade; however, it has become extremely sophisticated and thus next to impossible to control it.

Traffickers always seem to be a step or two ahead of law enforcement agencies around the world.

The tightening of the noose on trade routes in the West has caused traffickers to find new routes through which they can smuggle their drugs.

These new routes happen to be in countries in West Africa perceived to have weak and ineffective security systems.

These new routes have identified countries like The Gambia and Guinea Bissau as transit points to the wider market.

In recent years, a lot of drugs have been intercepted and seized in these two countries with collaborative efforts.

Last week, forty-eight blocks of cocaine were discovered in a sugar consignment in a ship which originated from Brazil.

The narcotic officers were informed of this and they moved in to seize it and open an investigation.

Two suspects, a Gambian and a Lebanese, were arrested and the investigation is to determine whether or not there are other conspirators out there.

The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) has recorded many successes recently and are still poised to attain more success stories if given all the support they need.

It is important that citizens assist them in this very important crusade to rid the country of unwanted drugs and save lives.

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