The elections are here and deception of the masses is at an all-time high. We must take note!

The elections are here and deception of the masses is at an all-time high. We must take note!


By Celestine Mendy

Would we allow the last straw to break the camel’s back or spare its spinal cord from breakage, because within it is the motor neurons that form the central nervous system (CNS)? And, we know these neurons transmit impulses from the spinal cord to skeletal and smooth muscles, and directly control the movement of all of our muscles. We are faced with an option at eternal paralysis, as well as that of forward motion. We are given a blank cheque to cast at the bank of peace, progress, and prosperity; it’s now our onus to never allow this cheque to be marked insufficient funds. We ought not to believe that the great vault of virtue, integrity, honesty, has run dry. We are yet again; chanced at redeeming the times, let us grab this solemn opportunity knowing full well that the times are evil. Let us safe the day, let us safe it for posterity to remember us fondly, for we know history is just and timely in visiting us, with impartial reminder(s). It is in this process that we either build our communities and country or effectively ruinate the same.

While we languish in the salty waters of economic hardship, and impervious rocks of a treacherous health system; let us move with a renewed spirit committed to the pursuit of our common good, to spur us into the higher orbit of patriotism, where the love of country above all else will reign supreme over personal opportunistic exploits. This nation has long grit in pains of labor to a child; a child that would ensure she is in safe hands, and well represented. In the maternal bed, the nurses available to perform safe delivery are said to be ill equipped. Some are actually known to be unlicensed. The lack of basic delivery equipment and the presence of the unqualified are both pathetic and sympathetic, in equal measure. Thus, this nation is on the road to infant maternal mortality. This is happening against the backdrop of many lifesaving avenues, but forces that be have already signed a death certificate, which is not ready to be unsigned. For the safe sailing, and anchoring of this ship, which is at high seas of a perilous journey, at the present moment, each one of us must “move down into the inner resources of your own soul and sign with pen and ink of self- assertive…” human hood your fidelity to this nation.


Meanwhile, we are tasked with the sacred duty to stand on the gap, and be each other’s keeper. We may not always be in agreement on the modalities of ensuring the successful accomplishment of this unassailable enterprise; however, we must each search our conscience so thoroughly that we are arbitrated to be people of unquestionable character, and untainted will. People of this great land, flowing with milk and honey cannot afford the luxury of allowing the uncircumcised philistines to deep their unclean hands in what is meant for people of royal priesthood. At this juncture, each person should be committed to distinguishing themselves from their peers, for this is a call to overturn a pending catastrophe; a ticking time bomb, which needs to be defused with certainty.

Consequently, this nation has been reeling under the hot hill of economic stagnation, and an acute infamous history of financial backwardness, which has since settled in the heart of many, and has taken root that is somewhat impossible to uproot. But we must not despair. We must not settle, for one thing as salient as life itself, is the apparent unqualified necessity for the people of the “Smiling Coast of Africa” to seek to lift up themselves by their bootstrap to the steady waters of economic placidity.

We seek to remind the masses that peace is priceless, and that we must guard it with the very last drop of our blood. We must not walk the road of the fallen angel. Every facet of our life and livelihood is closely hinged to the amount of peace that this country apportions to herself. To move out every morning, fending for oneself and loved ones the nation have to enjoy the warm breeze of peace, uninterrupted. Each member of this society must be granted the fullness of their citizenship right, and the innate right to join any assembly with whom you can identify with. This is a universal ordinance that everyone must enjoy. This franchise that the universal adult suffrage has granted those deemed to be in the right frame of mind, and those whose mental sanity is unhampered. I charged us all, today, to be good ambassadors of our dear motherland in both conduct and character. The times that we are in are those that one’s sense of responsibility and purpose must prevail over the trappings of power, prestige, and expediency. Our level of patriotism will be measured by our conduct. For, we found it fitting for all noble people of this nation to avoid engaging in anything ignoble. It is worthy to note that the bridge between different ideologies is the people in these two camps. Thus, in the interest of ‘Ubuntu’, such people who wield power and influence would be of great service if they seek to narrow down caveats existing amongst members of these differing ideologies. This is an exercise that is meant to last a short while, but our communities are eternal. We must therefore be exemplary in the conduct of our affairs, and to what extent we disagree with each other, the one cardinal principle we must always uphold is that each person is entitled to their opinion. We all stand to lose if anything undesirable is to ensue. The only person who stands to reap from the spoils of civil unrest is that politician whose bid for the statehouse has become his god.

Invariably, it is commonplace that all we seek to foster is true leadership which South Africa’s anti-apartheid nonpareil, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe described thus “true leadership demands complete subjugation of self, honesty and integrity, uprightness of character, courage and fearlessness, and above all a consuming love for one’s people”. United in this Holy Grail, the dark clouds that emerge in the sky is not a sign of gloom and doom rather, it is that of a rainy day. The sun has run to its hiding place to give way to the much-needed rain that will usher in a new planting season; a precursor of bountiful harvest. This is what it is unless we surrender our voices to our common enemy- a counterfeit of that leadership Mangaliso envisions for the whole of Africa. It is therefore safe to state, unequivocally that the stakes are high for the voting population of this country, whose youths constitutes an elephantine 72% of her citizens.