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The evil of paedophilia

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It has become common to hear of incidents of paedophilia in the country nowadays. Some of the cases of child molestations are so bad that children as young as a few months old are reportedly raped by evil men.

Many a time – if not most – these acts of depravity are committed by close relatives or family friends. Many people tend to blame all acts of child abuse on tourists who visit the country for various purposes.

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This is not entirely true; it has been repeatedly shown that many young girls (and sometimes babies) suffer at the hands of their own relatives or family friends.

What are the causes of this? And what are the solutions? Many a time it can be observed that some parents are simply too trusting when it comes to their children leading to negligence.

Some parents leave their children in the care of strangers and think that everything will be fine. The truth is that, one should always be suspicious in order to be safe from the evil that men do.

The other serious cause of this is connected to child labour. Some parents use their girl children to either sell something or do certain jobs which will expose them to secluded areas with strangers.

This is a recipe for paedophiles to take advantage of these children to satisfy their carnal pleasures to the detriment of the children.

In order to eradicate this problem, government should take holistic measures to ensure that no one does anything that can cause children to be molested.

To begin with, the law on child labour should be implemented to the letter and make sure that no parent exposes their children to harm.

Besides, stringent measures should be taken to ensure that whoever is caught will be punished severely so as to serve as a deterrent. The culture of impunity should be discouraged entirely.

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