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The Gunjur Alkaloship scramble

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Please kindly allow me space in your widely read newspaper to express my concern, while appealing to the authorities over the Gunjur Alkaloship scramble.


To begin with, I must confess my personal frustration and confusion over the unnecessary hullabaloo and brouhaha occasioned by the Alkaloship struggle in my beloved birth-place of Gunjur.As a Gunjurian by birth and a Kartong native by descent, I can’t sit and remain mute while the community (Gunjur) that gave me the opportunity to be everything I am today is steeped in unnecessary turmoil. This is the reason for making this open appeal to the authorities concerned.

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I am appealing to whoever is concerned with the authority of appointing an Alkalo by virtue of the Gambian Constitution to help us settle this matter once and for all. The struggle for the Alkalorship is getting more and more intense with too much rumour-mongering, which created more confusions.The two gentlemen involved in the scramble for the post Mr. Omar Njayo Touray and Mr. Jobe Touray are all capable and competent people to handle the post. Thus, any of these two could be appointed as Gunjur’s new Alkalo and we will all forge ahead with the task of the development of our village.

However, whoever happens to be the next Alkalo of Gunjur must be ready and willing to see the interest of the people and make it his first priority as did his predecessor. Gunjur is already on a moving train towards full development, so no individual self interest will deter that development. Party politics is over in Gunjur and the common interest is what we are all looking forward to.

I have never seen a community that is so bound by such close blood ties as Gunjur. This is a community where intermarriages were and are still very common amongst the people. Every family in Gunjur is connected to the other and this is what makes us stronger and united. 

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So, we must all jealously guard it forever.

Alieu Mourinho Jabang



Kudos to super-nawettan organising committee


Dear editor,

Please allow me space in your newspaper to heap praise on the Super Nawettan organising committee for a great job they have been doing. So far, the competition which used to be bedeviled by hooliganism and extremely poor refereeing which had threatened public peace is farming well.

The fact that this perennial problem has been nipped in the bud by the GFF under the leadership of Kaba Bajo shows that the football delegates from different regions of the country did not make a mistake when they selected them to run the affairs of football in this country.

The Super Nawettan has the potential to contribute immensely towards the development of football in the country hence the need for it to be nurtured and harnessed. The Gambia  has achieved stupendous success with the U-17’s and U-20’s and to maintain that we must make efforts aimed at improving football at grassroots level.

In view of that and the larger objectives we must all do our best in giving our cooperation and support to Lamin Kabba Bajo and his nascent administration to bring us the much needed glory in football, which has eluded us for so long.

Buba Jabang,



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