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The vexed issue of land

The issue of land and its ownership and/or transfer is one of the most contentious issues every Government should pay particular attention to. It is something that should be taken with seriousness and mechanisms sought to ensure equality and justice.

It is clear that land is indeed very sensitive and it can ignite problems the repercussions of which can be devastating for society. Any society that wishes and seeks peace must work hard to ensure that the distribution of land is transparent and fair.

In many societies the ownership and or transfer of land has caused a lot of strife sometimes leading to a loss of life. It has to be managed well and with seriousness to ensure that it is in line with equality and justice.

The fact that the acquisition and sale of land is very lucrative makes it attractive for many people, sometimes people who have no business being in the distribution of land. When those people happen to be public officers or have connections with government, it becomes even more sensitive and thus more serious.

During the previous regime there was a lot of interference by the then executive which led to a lot of grudges as some people were deprived of their landed properties by state operators. The issue then did not explode or attract much attention due to the fear that was associated with that government.

Since the coming into office of the current government, the need for land commission was raised and one was constituted to address the issues surrounding land ownership in the country.

Since its institution though not much has been seen or heard from them and of recent the issue of land has again gained traction as many people as talking about it in the country. This has to be looked into immediately.

Recently, there have been more than half a dozen issues of land being talked about by citizens. The fear is that some of these brawls may spiral out of control if action is not immediately taken to address it once and for all.

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