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Tijan Sonko’s lawyer says he denies serial bigamy

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In an interview with Krone Zeitung, lawyer Nicholas Rast said Tijan told him he was only involved in three affairs at the time, including the one with his girlfriend who is pregnant and an ex with whom he has one child.  

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Except for what is lost in translation this is the gist of what Nicolast Rast said: “He came to me in 2005, after he had come alone from The Gambia to Austria.  We have applied for asylum. It was for political persecution that rebels tried to kill him.  [Now detained] in prison, you know you can talk there only through a glass pane.  Of course Tijan is not in a good state. When I first heard about the news, I thought to myself, wow!  But it appeared to me a bit much.  Fifteen women!  I asked him of course.  Tijan says he has three relationships simultaneously.  I think that is already a good performance!  A girlfriend is pregnant.  And there is an ex.  A woman with whom he has one child.  That’s it. About a wife in The Gambia, this is false information… 

“About the women mentioned, it is quite possible that they thought he wanted to marry her. It is simply selective perception.  One imagines something that the other has never said that.  I’m divorced twice.  Love can quickly turn to hate. Tijan does not fit into the scheme of a marriage swindle.  He’s just a fun-loving, cheerful, funny young man. One of the flying hearts. He denies all the women knew him by name… And you know asylum seekers always have aliases.  I have represented a ‘Sylvester Stallone’, ‘Prince Charles’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’. 


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