TTE records studio set for launching


By Aminata Ceesay Top Tier Entertainment is an Indie Hip Hop Record label founded by Seedy Bojang alias “Rupey Mace” in 2016, located in Brusubi.  Top Tier Entertainment has been gaining momentum ever since its initiation in late 2016, starting with the “BruCity Project”, a music platform set to promote individual acts after establishing a state-of-the-art studio also located in Brusubi. Top Tier Entertainment is already taking the Music Industry to the next level, and currently has a Roster of 4 heavyweight artists (names withheld), two executive producers and promoters and has a team of committed individuals that are determined to elevate that status of Gambian Music both locally and internationally. ‘Work in silence and let your success be your noise’ is a motto that Top Tier Entertainment label stands for and great things are anticipated from Top Tier Entertainment. The label is set to be launched officially in March 25th 2017. Waka Mbye, the manager of Top Tier Entertainment, said: “TTE is a Record Label, recording studio and only for recording music. We promote all genre of music and most especially hip hop, being a genre that’s booming both culturally and commercially. But it hasn’t been the centre of focus in The Gambia, despite the brilliant local talents that are capable of taking the industry beyond the limit. That is what inspired me to form a label that will exceed boundaries and make that an aim and achieve those goals.”]]>