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Monday, April 12, 2021

Turkey gives nod to two new projects for Gambia

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The projects are: Enhancing Financial Literacy and Capacity Building on Islamic Financial Instruments and Strengthening Community Resilience through Eco Tourism.

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Speaking, Ambassador Soner noted that economic and political fluctuations cause instability and give rise to a larger gap between the poor and rich, emphasising that cooperation instruments between countries have gained significance in coping with the social and economic impacts of these fluctuations. 

He added that as OIC member states they have at their disposal the COMCEC as one of the main instruments of their cooperation, explaining that the formula offered by COMCEC to harness its members’ potential is to deepen their coordination on the priority cooperation areas of trade, tourism, agriculture, transport, finance and poverty alleviation, in order to build better standing in the global economy.

He stated that COMCEC has been established with a view to improve economic and commercial cooperation among member countries and bring these countries into an effective position in the global economic system. He added that it has been an essential ministerial platform for discussing their common challenges in development and exploring solutions for the last three decades.

He further noted with pleasure that significant progress has been achieved in the COMCEC within the scope of its new strategy, which was adopted in 2012.

This strategy defines a new vision for member countries: to build a prosperous Islamic Ummah based on the principles of solidarity, inter-dependence, enhanced mobility and good governance. The new mission of the COMCEC is to provide a forum to produce and disseminate knowledge, share experience and best practices, develop a common language or understanding, approximate policies in the cooperation areas to address and find solutions to member countries economic and social challenges. The vision introduced two new instruments, namely the COMCEC Project Funding and the working Groups Mechanism, which have been successfully operationalised since their inception in 2013.


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