UDP activist says ‘Gambianise’, not ‘Jammehnise’ V-2016


Speaking exclusively to The Standard at the recently-ended Nayconf where he represented his party, Alhaji S Darboe, said: “There is no need for one to travel across villages or regions for a realistic farming venture. We can have farms in every corner of The Gambia to cultivate rather than travel to farms like in Janjangbureh, Kanilai and Sifoe.

“If we actually mean to go and do farming to help attain Vision 2016, why should we wear politically-affiliated attires? If we ‘Jammehnise’ it, we might not achieve it, but if we ‘Gambianise’ it, we can archive it as a national duty for a sustainable development.

“Vision 2016 is achievable, if Gambians envisage the vision at the centre part of their hearts [sic]. Gambians should not see the vision as something belonging to the head of state and his party but a vision for the nation to attain food self-sufficiency and put a stop to the importation of rice. The concept behind the vision is very clear. If the president comes with an initiative like Vision 2016, it does not mean that it’s only the president who has to implement it.”