UDP head of communication says commission of enquiry a witch-hunt


Tombong Saidy, head of communication of the opposition United Democratic Party, has said the commission of inquiry into the conduct of all local government councils is nothing but a witch hunt against the opposition particularly, the UDP.

 In a write up shared with The Standard, Mr Saidy said the commission is not an independent unbiased commission because all the commissioners are either supporters or sympathizers of the NPP and President Barrow. “All of the members are all willing puns being used by President Barrow in his political game to weaken the opposition but they will fail mercilessly,” Saidy said.

Mr Saidy added that if President Barrow and his government are serious about fighting corruption, “why can’t they start with the ministries and parastatals; the Covid-19 funds scandal, the Securiport contract scandal and all the issues raised by the National Audit Office pertaining to financial irregularities within his government.”


Saidy alleged that the main reason behind this ‘witch hunting’ is to derail the candidatures of the Mayor of Banjul, Mayor of KM and the Chairmen of the 6 regional area councils but “they will fail.”

“Enquiries into all public institutions are welcomed so long as they are just, independent, and fair and this witch hunting club is far from that. It is rather unfortunate that in this day and age Gambians would be allowed to be used as puns in frivolous political games. It is amazing that a person of ‘integrity’ is willing to cast aside his dignity, principles and respect for politics,” he said.