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UDP is not tribalistic

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By Omar Bah

The deputy party leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Aji Yam Secka has refuted criticisms that the UDP is a tribal party.

Speaking at a recent meeting in Brikama, Madame Secka said the (UDP) party is established to serve the interest of all Gambians irrespective of tribe. “Let me state clearly that, the UDP was not formed by only Mandinkas but individuals from different tribes and religions,” Aji Yam Secka, herself Wollof speaking said. She added that the executive of the UDP has since emphasized that the party is and must never be a tribe-based party but one that belongs to all Gambians. “I believe that all Gambians should work together for the betterment of the country regardless of background,” she said. The UDP deputy leader further stressed that no tribe in the country irrespective of size or number can stand by its own.

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The UDP Diaspora chairperson, Alkali Conteh said politics is all about building connections and friendships with people and organizations and serving one’s people to better lives and living conditions. “All genuine politicians must first have the country’s interest than tribal considerations,” Conteh said.

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