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UK philanthropist boosts communities in Gambia

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By Olimatou Coker

Ghalib Hussain, a philanthropist based in the United Kingdom Thursday 17th of May 2018 donated food commodities to various communities in the country for Ramadan.
The food items were worth six hundred and fifty thousand dalasi and they included 200 bags of rice, 200 galons of cooking oil, 20 bags of sugar and 400kg of beans.
Speaking at the ceremony in Banjul, the philanthropist, Ghalib Hussain, said he feels blessed in giving out such donations to his fellow human beings. He said this is his second time giving such to the people of the Gambia.

“I was in the country last September and I did the same distribution. I also supplied some villages with water facility. The love I have for the Gambian people that’s why I have decided to come back in giving my brothers and sisters a helping hand and insallah I will keep coming to the Gambia in the future,” he said.
For his part, the religious adviser to the President, Hon. Alhagie Dembo B. Bojang, thanked Mr Hussain for such a wonderful move in helping the Gambian people, especially in this Holy month of Ramadan.
“I am so glad and appreciative that this gentleman for the feeling that he has for the Gambian people,” Bojang said.

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The coordinator, Musa Saidy, added: “We are here today to hand over this Ramadan food condiments to the needy people in our various communities, donated by Mr Ghalib Hussain, a United Kingdom philanthropist who has been giving such donations for the past two to three years.”
According to Mr. Saidy, Ghalib is a very big philanthropist who is also digging 6 wells for Gambians in the urban areas who can’t have access to potable water.

“This is among the donation Mr Hussain is giving to the poor and needy Muslims in Ramadan. He is a businessman who goes around the world to help the needy ones and he felt in love with Gambians that’s why he is coming here every year to ensure that he supports the people of the Gambia,” he added.

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