Tanka Tanka hospital boosted


The Gambian Association in Rome, as part of their humanitarian activities last Friday donated bags of rice, cooking oil, bags of onion and host of ingredients to Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital at a ceremony held at the hospital grounds.
The donation worth thousands of dalasis was part of the association’s yearly humanitarian gesture to support Gambians back home.

Speaking at the donation ceremony, the association spokesperson, Borry Conteh said the donation is meant to contribute to the hygienic sector of the psychiatric hospital thus provide healthcare to the mentally sick patients.

He called on all Gambians to support Tanka Tanka hospital patients, who are seriously suffering from various kinds of mental illnesses, saying dealing with such a people is never easy. He said by doing that one would be complementing government’s efforts.


The chairman of the association, Bekai Minteh said the association was formed to encourage their country folks in the diaspora to engage in positive activities, “The association is also involved in philanthropic activities.”

He said although the association is struggling to bring everybody on board the little number they have is determine to continue doing their best to support their Gambian people back whenever necessary.
“I believe where ever you go; it can be a challenge to mobilize people. It is not an exception amongst us in the diaspora, in Italy. There will always be some people who for different reasons will keep to themselves,” he said.

He continued: “In the same way, a substantial number of Gambians have positive inclination, drive and passion to join diaspora organizations as a way of serving and contributing their quota in uplifting the communities they live in. For this reason, it is helpful and important to encourage everyone to actively engage and participate in any way they can.”

Meanwhile, the senior nursing officer at the hospital, Baba Manneh said the donation will boost the hospital’s hygienic sector.
Whiles thanking the donors for their laudable gesture, he reassured them that the food items would be put into good use.

Speaking further Manneh called on other philanthropists to remember the hospital in their humanitarian gesture, saying the issues of transport and other logistics still remain a big hiccup for the hospital.