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US$78m for Bissau’s Gambia River energy project

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Within the framework of Gambia River Basin renewable energy project, the funding is earmarked for “management of construction of 218 kilometres of the high voltage power transmission grid,” and “two transformer stations in strategic distribution sites; Saltinho and Bambadinca.”

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The project will now be put up for tender and make use of the electricity to be produced from this year at the Kaleta Dam in Guinea-Conakry.

In full operation the Kaleta dam will produce about 900 gigawatt / hours of electricity per year.

Starting this year, with a single turbine, 200 megawatts of power will be available to the four countries of the OMVG (Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Conakry).

At the same time construction of the second dam included in the OMVG will begin in Sambangalou (Senegal).

With both facilities up and running and with interconnection cables linked up, the government estimates that Guinea Bissau will have 40 percent of its energy needs covered.

The four member-state of the OMGV – The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Senegal – plan to build two dams in the Sanbangalo region of Senegal, on the river Gambia, and in the Guinean region of Koletan, on the river Konkoure, in order or reduce the electrical power deficit in the region.


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