UTG awards Ndondi Njie posthumous doctorate degree


In a citation of his many accomplishments in his patriotic desire to serve the nation, the citation read at the ceremony said of him:

“Mr Ndondi SZ Njie was born in Banjul on the 12th January 1935. He was one of many sons born to a well known Banjulian business man, Samba Njie Prie. He grew up in Banjul where he did both his primary and secondary education at a time when most Wollofs were not keen at sending their children to school (Western Education). He held two Masters Degrees from the University of Reading, United Kingdom and University of Maine, USA. 

 He later bagged three diplomas in agricultural studies from the Republic of China (Taiwan), Ahmadou Bello University of Nigeria and Borgo a Mozzano, Italy.  With all these diplomas, Mr Njie was still not satisfied and proceeded to Cambridge, United Kingdom for another diploma in education from the Institute of Education”. 


Among his numerous responsibilities, Mr Njie served as head teacher, Pakalinding Primary School and senior master at Armitage High School. From there he worked as an agricultural training officer with the Ministry of Agriculture from 1979 to 1983. 

The citation continued: “Being more interested in academic work and having a foresight for the Gambia’s only higher education institution, at that time, Bai Ndondi, moved to the Gambia College from 1979 to 1989 when he retired from active service. During the period he was at the Gambia College, he served both as deputy principal and principal of Gambia College. Upon his retirement in 1989, Mr Njie continued to serve the Gambia College as adviser from 1989 to 1991. Mr  Njie did not only serve the higher education sector of the Gambia but was also an honorary associate lecturer at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Canada.

“Apart from his full time work Bai Ndondi also worked and served in various sectors and with different portfolios. He served as chief of party in NZ Development Consultancy Services. He was the president of the African Biosciences Network (Gambia chapter). He also served as chairman in the following organisations; board of directors, Tango, steering committee, ATPS- Gambia, board of directors, Chamen Self Development and Training Centre (GOIC). It was because of his hard work and his quest for excellences that he was appointed as chairman, Independent Electoral Commission for The Gambia in 2006”.

Apart from contributions to national development, the late Ndondi Njie was also a well known consultant, who served as consultant for the Association of African universities, the Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, The Women Rice Project and Freedom from Hunger Campaign.  Being a “dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic man, Bai Ndondi never got tired” but continued availed the nation of his services by serving as adviser to the vice chancellor of the University of The Gambia.

The citation concluded: “As all human beings have a destiny in life; Bai Ndondi’s destiny was well cut out for what he was good at doing, working to improve the agricultural sector and the lives of others. As all human being have a mission to fulfill, Bai Ndondi fulfilled his mission in 2011.  Bai Ndondi is survived by four children and wife. May his soul rest in peace and may all his contribution to the Gambia society be rewarded”.

By Sainey Darboe