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Vehicle drifting


It has been observed that some drivers, mostly young ones, are now of the habit of drifting and spinning vehicles on the roads, posing threat to even pedestrians. It has also been established by authorities that these people sometimes do not even have the proper driver’s license.

This obviously contravenes traffic laws and dangerous to lives. The laws are meant to protect the citizens of the country and therefore any contravention may lead to some loss of lives or property. This is illegal and must be stopped immediately.

The number of road accidents is very high and many lives are lost. This is sometimes caused by inexperienced drivers who do not follow the traffic rules and therefore cause avoidable deaths on the roads. Many a time, when unsuspecting passengers wish to draw their attention to the traffic rules, a quarrel ensues and as such most passengers will just keep quiet and let them do as they please.

The police are on the roads to ensure that motorists obey the traffic rules so as to avoid accidents. If there are drivers who choose to speed away instead of stopping for the police to do their work, the result is a lot of accidents which may cost lives.

The government, through its spokesperson, has issued a press release reminding people, especially drivers of the need to follow the traffic rules as they are here for the protection of all. The release warned that whoever is found wanting will be prosecuted.

The release also warned parents and motor vehicle owners to not allow their wards who may not have license or experience to drive on the roads thus causing a danger to the public and other road users. It seeks the cooperation of all so as to curb this menace.

It is also necessary to talk about the licensing problem which is certainly contributing to the havoc on the roads. Many citizens question the way and manner in which certain drivers, with no expertise whatsoever, obtain their driver’s license. It is very common to see accidents which are caused by the driver’s negligence due to a lack of knowledge about traffic rules.

In order for this law to be implemented, resources must be allocated to the police so that they can fully enforce this law. This will enable them pursue any driver who speeds away from them and bring him or her to book. If they do not have the means to pursue, there is no way they can bring such offenders to book. 

Perhaps it is time to look into the manner of obtaining of driver’s license, so that proper testing of competence is done before they are given a license. It is even necessary to develop some measure of keeping record of the number of times one makes wrong moves on the road with a view to suspending or revoking the license of an individual if they reache certain limits.

This measure will compel drivers to be more careful knowing that when they reach a certain number of mistakes their license could be revoked. Mechanisms must be put in place to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians and indeed the public.

There must be some form of accountability for progress to be registered.

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