Victim center renders financial aid to colleagues


By Juldeh Njie

Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations with support from Madam EK, has donated cash amounting to D30, 000 to at least 6 victims to facilitate the payment of their children’s tuition fees.
The aid, according to the adviser to the Center, came from an individual donor meant to help support victims whose children’s education faces set back.

Member to the board of Advisers, Musa Jobateh, said this is the second time the Center is reaching out to the victims who cannot pay their children’s school fees.
He said the center is also working on a business support that would enable them (victims) to support themselves and their families.


He added: “We supported children of the victims whose education suffers due to the status of their parents. There are many future plans to continue this. We will continue to partner with institutions, organizations and individuals”.

He thanked Madam EK for supporting the victims in terms of their children’s education and called on the business community to come on board and support the Center to help maintain their well being.
Madam Ida EK, donor and member of the advisory board at the Center, said she will work hard in making sure victims and their children are catered for.

“As long as I have the power I will definitely try to do my part in supporting the victims through business and other basic needs,” she added.
Jukuna Suso, a victim, thanked the Center for the support rendered to them.

She said: “The victims center has been trying for us in paying our children’s school fees and also sending us to Dakar for treatment which is paramount because most of us are still traumatized.”
Momodou Dahaba, a victim, said he is appreciative of the support but appealed to the center and donors for more help because his life earnings cannot cater for his family.

“I want them to help me start my own business because life is still very hard for me,” he added.
Pa Ousman Njie, also a victim, said: “We definitely need help because some of the victims are dying like chickens and that’s scary for us. And there are others laying at home sick.”