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Monday, October 2, 2023

Victims center ransacked by thieves


The Center of Victims of Human Rights Violations has yesterday reported a suspected burglary at its office in Kotu which left the entire premises ransacked.

According to a press statement issued by the Centre, when staff reported yesterday morning, they found the office turned upside down and documents thrown all over the place.

“The thieves have taken 3 laptops, a charger, and our internet router. The matter has been filed at the Senegambia police station for further investigation and they have come to the office to gather evidence. The statements of the first witness and few people who had arrived at the scene earlier have been taken. We hope to see the outcome of the investigation soon from the police and hopefully the recovery of the items taken. For now, please pray for the VC to recover from this shocking experience. We will keep you posted and informed as the matter unfolds,” the statement concluded.

The suspected burglary came only a day after the Centre held a press briefing lamenting the unsatisfactory implementation of the government white paper on the recommendations of the truth commission.

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