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VP sparks outrage in failed bid to pass Ombudsman’s nomination

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Vice President Dr Isatou Touray has to be called to order when she went about passionately defending the nomination of Babucarr Suwareh as Ombudsman.

“Listen carefully, who is here to question his credibility? He is qualified and when it comes to credibility, who is here to question it? That is a moral issue – ethics. Let us ask ourselves who is more qualified than him? Who is better than Babucarr Suwareh?” she asked the legislators.

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“When making decisions, you should not be judgmental. I think if we all get out of the judgmental dimension, we will all understand that Suwareh has all the credentials to be considered, given the fact that the responsibility and the functions of the Ombudsman go beyond what some of you people are thinking – it is broader,” VP Touray added.

“To say that he is not qualified, I say no. He is qualified. He has 33 years of experience within the education system,” argued VP Touray.
The lawmakers were furious with the VP’s utterances, arguing she attacked their own credibility.

The NAMs said her argument did not convince them about Suwareh’s appointment and asked for the President to choose what they called the ‘right person’ for the job.

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