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When will Africa see the end of violent change of governments?

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With all the corruption and destabilisation that take place when there is a regime change, using force is against the will of the people. Using the barrel of the gun to make change will only lead to more chaos and destruction of civilisation. The people accepted Jammeh’s regime and elected him into office in 1996 through the ballot. It was a big win for the APRC ruling party.

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Well, after 20 years in power, the people that do not like the government, feel the need to do so too by using violent means. So when will Africa see the end of such attempts to change governments if they do not agree with the way the government is governing? Following the many failed attempts of trying to force one’s ideology to gain power, I think it’s about time Africa changed its way of changing governments.

Two wrongs do not make a right and if one believes in democracy, using violence to effect change is the wrong way to go and using violence to silence the opposition is definitely not the way either. Change can only happen from within and if the people want change, they can do it through the ballot box. However, the failed terrorist attack of December 30, 2014 on State House was countered by expressions of support to the president through rallies. 

The opposition is more disunited than ever before because for the past 20 years, they are the same people leading their parties and cannot form a united front because they are not putting the national interest first but themselves. The opposition is weak and have not exercised great leadership when called upon to act and lead the people to inspire them and demand change.

We all know the need to make life better for all Gambians, but we need to act responsibly and work hard to bring about change through a peaceful resolution, and not by the gun. What if all those weapons were in the hands of the wrong people and are now being used to kill innocent citizens on the streets? Some have called the attackers heroes, while many call them terrorists, but one thing we can agree on is that they were one of us.

The many guns that were confiscated show that the people that attacked the State House were ready to die and kill. Anyone who picks up arms and goes to your house must be prepared to achieve or fail. No life is more precious than the other. One thing we can learn from this operation is that those people were saying that the armed forces are not loyal to the Commander-in-Chief and security of the nation of The Gambia, have been proven wrong. Let’s quit violence and chart a new way forward in this New Year of 2015, to make reforms, and serve the Gambian people for the interest and future of The Gambia.

Gambians, after this unfortunate incident are now more united and showing signs of loyalty, patriotism and nationalism. If the Gambian people were showing signs of discontentment or frustrations, they now believe that there is a big division between us and them. It shouldn’t be like that for we are all one and should want the best for each other. The Gambia is a small nation and we are all interrelated one way or the other. We can settle our differences and do our level best to make sure that a civil war does not break out and we don’t kill each other. Let us strategise and find a common ground in bringing about change through peaceful means. Also, we all need to stay away from the propaganda thrown out there and speak the truth even if it doesn’t favour us. Let us be the change we are calling for, and let us wish each other well if we cannot work collectively. Let us stop hating others for their beliefs. Allah is the all-knowing and said we should refrain from such practices. Trust in God and if you mean well, your prayers will be answered. 

May God grant us the wisdom and tolerance needed to confront our issues and deal with them responsibly without injecting harm towards others. 


Concerned Citizen of The Gambian


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