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Who is Pa Nderry Mbai of Niamina Touba Mouride? Part 4

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Lying to project self-importance among your peers or for being clinically deranged has since time immemorial been identified as one of man’s unfortunate eccentricities; but when persons like Pa Nderry, combine the two maladies with a shameless sense of extorting money from the vulnerable to make a living, those sickened by the scheme and possess the means, must, for the good of society, explore every possible remedy to shut down the sustenance of such leeches. And that is exactly what I will keep on doing until this disgraceful soul is put in his place or smoked out of his foxhole to find a steady job. 

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I was going to wait for the end of the year to challenge him into proving his legitimate employment records or status which I am positive does not exist in any way or form; but since the clown, huffing and puffing from his living room he calls office, came up again with the lame ploy of counter-accusing me of not being seriously employed as well, emboldened by his usual herd of like-minded vagabonds and jackasses who religiously prop and pander to him over the air, I therefore thought it urgent to straighten out the records NOW. However, I did not have to dignify his cheap shot when he made an attempt to vilify me as not being originally a Gambian but a Sierra Leonean. This is the same person who for the right amount paid to his PayPal account, would not hesitate to insult anybody’s parents for doubting the feasibility of African unity. If there is good fish money in any story no matter how inaccurate or incredible it is, Pa Nderry will tell it with a straight face. And if you make an attempt to correct him, he goes ballistics to intimidate, humiliate or hound you into silence. 

 Samsudeen Sarr being too old has been one of his last talking points as if one’s age has everything to do with one’s productivity or sanity. Thinking about somebody befitting the adjective of a moron, search no more after running into the persona of Pa Nderry Mbai. If I were to draw his attention to the ramifications of denouncing the elderly in any collective or individual effort to pursue a constructive course, I probably would have started and ended by illustrating the dangers of failure caused by alienating or discriminating such vital groups, essential for any success. He probably does not understand that the majority of the people ruling the world are within the age bracket he condemns as  being too old; and that is not just about heads of state and CEOs but even among the very rich and famous. As young people we always prayed to live long, be healthy and to enjoy a blessed ending in this world. So for anybody to attribute old age to failure or irrelevance merely goes to expose the fool that person is. I know that it is more about getting money the lethargic way than anything close to what he calls telling the truth; otherwise he would have made it mandatory for his guests to disclose their ages in every conducted interview. Let him say how old he is and I will show him someone who by his measure will consider him too old.    

However, before going further, I just want to ask why not a single member of his herd of jackasses still wouldn’t muster the courage and urge Pa Nderry to apologise to his readers for lying about the arrest and detention of the kindhearted Gambian businessman Modou Turo Darboe together with his brother after the man publicly deplored the report on his paper as malicious and totally untruthful. Mr Darboe is the wonderful Gambian who is known for his generosity to help the needy, encourages those with potentialities and above all gives Gambian entrepreneurship a very progressive image. He is the face we constantly see in newspapers and on television reaching out and sharing, the man everyone in The Gambia would wish nothing for but peace, prosperity and good health. 

But as usual, when Pa Nderry Mbai last week thought publishing the name of the gentleman in a derogatory context might help him with a bag of rice and a week’s groceries, he went on the rampage again. Other than causing overwhelming shock and trauma to the Darboe family’s members, friends and well-wishers, nothing by logical analysis warranted the lie, if it was not to merely replenish his depleting PayPal account. Even where the businessman came out publicly to say that “there is no iota of truth whatsoever to such reports” as revealed in Gambian newspapers, Pa Nderry still markets the false story for the heck of squeezing the last dime out of it. And as habit will indeed dictate, expect him soon to target the newspaper reporters who publish the philanthropist’s statement in The Gambia for casting a doubt over his “fair and balanced” misrepresentations. What a disgraceful soul!

Well, this is what I keep on reiterating to everyone under attack from this loser and of course to those who often take him too seriously and pay for his useless livelihood: Pa Nderry Mbai is no longer a Gambian but a naturalised American citizen who has nothing good going on for him in this country. At a time when America is at its best economic boom with employment being created in excess of 200,000 jobs per month, driving down the unemployment rate for the first time in six years to less than 6%, this dead-weight still sits at home unwilling to seek employment and bitching about how The Gambia should be ruled better. So with the happy holiday season of Christmas fast approaching, fuel prices being at their lowest, USA and Cuba mending their half-a-century political differences, coupled with so many good economic prospects everywhere, this country couldn’t ever be better for any productive human being to go out and honestly work for a living. Yet in Pa Nderry’s reclusive perspective of life, the whole world is about to go to hell in a hand basket because of what he believes is politically wrong in The Gambia. In other words, angered and frustrated by his incompetence to legally make ends meet, he resorts to lying about everything and everybody in and out of The Gambia that might help him earn a subsidy to the government welfare system he totally depends upon. Ask him what he does in the USA, and he will lie about running a business from his living room that the government, federal or local, does not have a clue about. Legitimate businesses in this country are registered with terms and conditions laid for their maintenance which include among other things the obligation to pay taxes to the federal and state governments. They are also required to contribute their quota to the social security, Medicare, disability and other payments withheld for the common good of everyone including the employees. But instead of getting up every morning and thanking God and the productive people who work hard to help sustain his welfare benefits and pay for the student loan he took and can’t pay back, he tries to trivialise the importance of the jobs we do.        

Yes, he was right to say that my job only involves lifting machines up and down, in a bid to down play the importance of what I do in America; but what better way can I explain myself than to first and foremost show my annual earnings from “lifting machines up and down” as shown above in my 2013 W2 wage and tax statement, excluding the company bonus that goes with it. Obviously, no good job is easy to do in this country or anywhere in this world for that matter; but I am proud to be identified with what I do because of its legitimacy, the sense of independence it gives me and the satisfaction derived from having to contribute to the electrical, structural and mechanical maintenance of the country. One would customarily hope that a quick pointer on what kind of work we do will make respectable people understand that no matter how one denigrates it, its economic input in this country stands exceptionally appreciated. But it’s the Pa Nderry Mbais we are talking about after all. Shameless and good for nothing! 

Without doubt, we lift centrifugal pumps propelled by fractions of horsepower drivers to ones coupled to motors, turbo engines and generators rated with over five-hundred horsepower. See example in the picture above of a deep-well pump under repairs now designed to draw huge capacity of water from the sea for the cooling of electrical power plants within the New York-New Jersey area.  That’s a far cry from lying about innocent people every day and calling it a job. 

We overhaul them with the replacements of their defective parts with new ones manufactured at the company headquarters in Irvington, New Jersey. This one above, delivered for repairs last month from Trans-Canada power station, in Long Island City, New York, is over thirty feet long, weighing about 10 tons with a shaft diameter of 3.5 inches. We also have the capability to remove and install mechanical seals, bearings, bushings, stainless steel shafts, impellers and cooling flush-lines to both the coupling and thrust sides of all pump glands. The company designs and manufactures the best couplings in the Northeast-The Big Boy-easy to align and more durable than the standard rubber inserted types. Ours are sold up to Canada and Puerto Rico. So as the evidence shows above, these industrial and domestic equipment can weigh from as light as fifteen pounds to over twenty tons, depending on their configuration and applications. And of course, we lift them up and down with electric hoists, cranes and forklifts. Even our tools are powered by electricity, battery or air. This is America’s retard! Giving the impression to his listeners that I am suffering for doing manual labour goes to show how uninformed he is about the modern technological world. Besides, I will rather be washing dishes in restaurants or driving cabbies in New York City as an honest means of earning a living than be talking crap for the sole purpose of extorting money from the victims of his racketeering. 

Our company is one of the best in stabilising imbalanced air-handlers using state of the art Smart-Balancing machines, computerised with the ability to read directions of resonance based on the rotational speed of supply or exhaust wheels. Once the computer determines the displacement vector and the vibrational amplitude, it interprets the data and tells us at what angle in degrees needs an increase or reduction in weight to stabilise the machine. The satisfaction one derives from such work successfully completed is always phenomenal. We work for power and water-treatment plants, hospitals, Schools, residential and industrial buildings, airports and seaports, wherever fixing machines demand our skills and attention.    

That’s how I make my money from 8am to 4pm every day, Monday to Friday. I am not only happy with what I do of which I always thank god, the almighty for, but I feel quite satisfied with what I earn annually which gets better every year. With over US$70,000 annual earning, Pa Nderry should be ashamed of himself for lying about Samsudeen Sarr being jobless, frustrated and doesn’t even have a car because of his old age. 

Don’t also forget that my beautiful wife works as a registered pharmacy technician who believes in hard work and making respectable money. She has never shoplifted a candy, let alone a radio transistor from any American store. Together we strongly believe in love and respect for the human family that is composed of 99% good people, who genuinely wish well to their fellow human beings irrespective of their differences in anything. 

All the chaos in this world therefore emanates from the disingenuous 1%, armed with their satanic ideas to drag the good ones into the hell they live in. These are the kinds of folks you think are your friends, family members or well-wishers until you show them the faintest sign of disagreeing with their imperfect lifestyles or personal beliefs. I was for instance a great person to the Pa Nderry Mbais until they realised that my decision to seek forgiveness from President Yahya AJJ Jammeh and the Gambian people for being politically obnoxious to them in the past was final and irreversible. Suddenly I become the old-useless man, unemployed and frustrated in the USA with a nostalgia to return to the Gambia for a better life than the one I am living in this country.     

Trust me, it’s the parasite who doesn’t have a job and will not be employed anywhere in the USA. He is lousy, fat, lazy and a-good-for- nothing liability in the country. And I will make sure that exposing him will be my part-time job as long as he keeps on financially preying on the vulnerable in the name of being The Gambia’s champion freedom fighter. I will continue to explain to his funders that paying for his survival is doing nothing good for them or The Gambia as he has been fooling people about for the past decade. Being fooled once or twice is understandable but being constantly fooled for almost a decade by one moron, revolves around weirdness.  The confrontation continues! Happy new year to every one.  


Samsudeen Sarr is a former commander of the Gambia Army and author of at least two books. He now lives in New Jersey with his family.


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