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Who Is Pa Nderry Mbye of Niamina Touba Mouride? part 2

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Well readers, we are back with our series to expose the parasite and pathological liar Pa Nderry Mbye of Niamina Touba Mouride. Just bear with us for disappointing you with our failure to share the good stuff we had mentioned before about the hushed-up shoplifting escapade still swept under the rugs at Nderry’s house. Backed with an authentic police mug shot of the culprit, we have decided to save the scoop for another day in our information reservoir, tagged as “The Best for the Last Arsenals.” Yes, this is an all-out confrontation with Pa Nderry Mbye aimed at putting our feet on the breaks that will not only stop his relentless lying to his listeners from the comfort of his living room he calls his radio-broadcasting studio, but most important of all to urge him to get his fat-lazy butt out of that cocoon and get a real job so as to at least pay back his government-student loan. We are not retards to buy his latest hoodwinking excuse that he had not, despite his long-unemployment history in the country ever filed unemployment benefits as if that was the ultimate exonerating evidence necessary not to view him as the classic deadweight to America’s economic prosperity. By holding on that weak narrative, the leech has merely confirmed to his followers that he was either  fired from his work or quit without justifiable reasons. For Christ’s sake, we all know that America does not pay unemployment benefits to delinquents and quitters unless he wants to shamelessly bombard us with other non-existing explanations, harnessed from his “Fanafana School of Swindling”. And trust us, he could come up with a silly one as baffling as that of the sad story he futilely tried to peddle a few weeks ago that The Gambia was identified as another Ebola-infected country in the sub-region of West Africa. It was after all another damning exposure of his ignorance of the global protocol and scientific monitoring mechanism constituted by the World-Health Organisation to gather the correct data surrounding the epidemic. What a piece of God’s work in this character! 

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You see, President Obama just passed an Immigration-executive bill to help the hard-working illegal aliens and their families in the country, estimated to be around five million people which many people find relatively weak in contrast to that of Ronald Reagan’s in 1986. It is feared that he could not go far because of how it was abused by the crooks and their associates.  Besides, the Republicans whose hero Reagan, passed it with a more definitive and comprehensive statute that was unanimously supported are vowing to repeal Obama’s bill with every power at their disposal. Predictably, cases like that of the naturalised parasites deliberately predisposed on milking the economy out of sheer  crookedness and laziness – Pa Nderry Mbai and company – could serve them as compelling arguments in the senate and congress. Fancy the effectiveness of an American lawmaker on the congressional podium armed with the dossier of Pa Nderry Mbye, arguing the hypothetical points to rescind the Obama legislature as follows:

1. This man came to this country from The Gambia with the false claim that he was a political dissident from that country, when in reality he was nothing but a hospital watchman with no affiliation to any political party or organisation.

2. Together with members of his family, we legalised his presence here, allowed him to enjoy all the benefits of our welfare and education-assistance programme until he was considered strong enough to stand on his own and help the country that helped him.

3. But instead of fulfilling what was and still is expected of all good Americans particularly the naturalised ones like him, this man, young and healthy, has declined to seek employment even when jobs in the country are now at their highest rate of availability in the post-recession era. The last time we checked, employment opportunities in his State of North Carolina are in their healthiest quotient. For instance Walmart is offering jobs in all departments especially in their auto workshop for non-skilled workers like this slob who could be changing oil, replacing tires, fenders and mufflers for cars, deemed far more productive than everything he is doing now as The Gambia’s Che Guevara.   

4. He continues to exploit the welfare system, refuses to pay back his student loan and opened up an internet-radio station in his living room in North Carolina fleecing his listener into financially supporting his bad habits that the IRS doesn’t have a clue about its existence. 

5. And he looks very fat and sloppy, obviously from sitting in one place from dawn to dusk yapping about whatever crosses his mind which are mostly assassinating the characters of his former country men, women and families in the name of fighting for Gambia’s political freedom. What a regret to call him an American citizen.

6. He calls his underground radio hobby a private business-of course not registered anywhere- and opened up a PayPal account literally begging for money on a daily basis. And I hope sooner rather than later, the IRS and the INS will form a task force for the exclusive investigation and possible shut down of such racketeers in the country even if means throwing them out of the USA (applause from the floor). It is unfortunate that there are some gullible people who believe in what he tells them and continue to throw their hard-earned money to overfeed this rogue.  

7. If my fellow law makers have any doubts about liabilities like this useless Pa Nderry Mbye, I strongly suggest that we subpoena before this platform men like Samsudeen Sarr living in Newark, New Jersey for more evidence about this man better suited with the name “Yusupha Useless”.  Thank you all (another round of applause).

Anyhow as we all know, we are now coming to that exciting moment in December when every hard-working person in this country is looking forward to receiving his or her W2 form for filing federal and state taxes. Those in private businesses with federal tax codes should also be looking into regularising their earnings as well. Since he will not as customary be having any W2 form, we will be thrilled if Yusupha Useless aka Pa Nderry Mbye will, with his shameless confidence come to his radio and explain to America as an “American in business” what he usually do for the federal and state governments during this period. We will not mind volunteering to conduct an interview with him on such topic in his so-called “Leeral” Sunday show for free of charge. There are various topics to cover including the relevance of the certificates he acquired from on-line colleges and refused to pay back his tuition loans.

As usual, he is at it again this time focusing on assassinating the character of Benjamin Wilson, a fine security officer in The Gambia recently appointed as the Inspector General of Police in the country. And what is his beef with the new police boss? His womanising habits as if that is the sole barometer of measuring a person’s credibility or ability to execute his duties. With perhaps limited knowledge of history about great people being fond of nice-looking women, Yusupha Useless needs to take a moment and read about the American Historian Robert P Watson who conducted a comprehensive research about the sexual lives of US presidents from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton.  John F Kennedy alone was reported to have slept with scores of women including Marilyn Monroe, the legendary Hollywood goddess. His biographer described him as a “compulsive womaniser” and his close friend Senator George Smatters once said: “Jack likes girls……he was a great chaser”. Did that mean he was a bad leader? Absolutely not. In fact all of them are now rated as the best presidents America ever had.

Lyndon Johnson, Calvin Coolidge, John Tyler, Warren Harding and Andrew Johnson were all great American presidents reputed for constantly chasing and fraternising with beautiful women.  But by listening to Pa Nderry Mbye vilifying people for their private sexual lives or their passion to befriend women for who they are, one is at time inclined to believe that a man is created for only one woman and anything out of that restriction is both ungodly and unacceptable human standard.

Great people throughout history spiritual or terrestrial are attracted to women and children, actually attributable to their personalities that until we started politicising the natural phenomenon didn’t mean anything bad in the eyes of the world. We don’t know about others but if there were two choices for men to choose from, (1) whether to take the hard road of honestly fighting and struggling for success until one is finally rewarded with power and wealth surrounded by beautiful women or (2) the alternative of one living a miserable life of lying and swindling one’s way in this world with the final reward of being a broke watchman in the company of one woman subjected to more abuse than love. Well, I don’t know about you, but we will join that long line of the number one winners and totally avoid the other for the likes of Yusupha Useless the failures. 

We cannot conclude without reiterating our appeal to all dissidents in the USA in particular to start ignoring the intimidating messages of Pa Nderry Mbye and his gang of losers and start working on reconciling with President Jammeh and his APRC government who is doing a tremendous job in The Gambia. The new struggle should be to reach out for peace and understanding devoid of insults, character assassination and unnecessary confrontations. After twenty years of achieving nothing from doing the same thing, we believe changing one’s direction or method is the least good one should consider doing for one’s sanity.  

In the meantime however, the battle continues in this never ending series until the clown leaves his foxhole and find a real job other than trying to wreck the American economy. And to everyone out there, please, please, please stop the fish-money provision for Yusupha Useless. We will be back!


Samsudeen Sarr, a published author was a former commander of the Gambia National Army. He now lives and works in Newark, New Jersey.


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