Witness’ absence hinders trial of ex-works minister


Ousman Badjie, a father-of-four is facing charges of economic crime and neglect of official duty.

He is accused of negligently causing 34,333 euros loss to the government of The Gambia being revenue collected but not deposited by Faisal Bojang who was working under him at the Gambian Embassy in Paris.

He is further accused of intentionally failing to pursue the recovery of D1,134, 000 stolen by Mr Faisal Bojang. Prosecutors also accused Badjie of neglecting his duty as the head of mission to pursue the police declaration that Mr Bojang’s signature was forged. He denied the charges.


At the resumption of the hearing of the case, the prosecuting counsel AM Yusuf said his witness Gabriel Mendy was caught up in traffic and prayed that the court stand down the case. Mr Mendy, a former director of National Treasury is the first state witness and had already given his evidence. He was interposed after he complained of illness and needed to seek treatment.

The judge, Simon Abi then stood down the matter for 30 minutes when Badjie’s lawyer, Lamin Camara did not raise an objection. However, the witness was not in court at the agreed time. 

The judge adjourned the case till today for Badjie’s lawyer to cross-examine the witness.