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Woman launches project to address political tensions

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By Omar Bah

Amie Jarjue, a young Gambian based in the UK, has through her foundation Join Hands to Save a Baby, started a reconciliatory initiative to address societal and political problems in The Gambia.

The young lady, fondly called Mother Theresa of The Gambia, initiated the Roots of Unity and Culture (TRU Culture) to complement the government and citizens’ efforts in raising awareness of social injustice and eradicating political, social, and individual differences in Gambian society.

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Her foundation will use culture, dialogue, and the promotion of unity to achieve its goal of helping to enhance meaningful development in the country.

The young entrepreneur said she wants to address divides in local communities based on political, tribal, and cultural views.

“We want to promote dialogue within communities of differing cultural, political, religious and traditional opinions, foster cordial cohabitation within neighbouring communities by creating connections, support and networks/platforms between communities, community associations and schools,” she said.

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Madam Jarjue said the peace building initiative also seeks to promote role models to fight against any form of discrimination.

“It will also organise sensitisation on FGM and other degradation of women and girls, including but not limited to sexual harassment and other sexual offences and establish cultural programs to facilitate interactions between ethnic groups and political entities, promoting cross-cultural and political understanding and appreciation,” Madam Jarjue stated.

She said media platforms such as radio will be used to create awareness of the effects of disintegration and also unity among people of a society

“It will also contribute to national development and encourage citizens to play their part in any way they can to achieve the National Development Plan and foster a sense of unity and cohesion among community members by celebrating and embracing cultural diversity. It will also promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for various cultural traditions, thereby reducing prejudice and discrimination within the community,” she added.

Madam Jarjue said the peace project will also empower community members to actively participate in activities that promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding, create a platform for intergenerational dialogue, where elders can share traditional wisdom and youth can contribute innovative ideas, fostering a sense of belonging for all age groups.

“It will enhance community resilience and social cohesion by leveraging cultural practices and values as tools for problem-solving and conflict resolution, collaborate with local institutions, organisations, and leaders to integrate cultural diversity and unity-building initiatives into community development plans and policies and measure the project’s impact through surveys, interviews, and community feedback to assess changes in attitudes, behaviours, and perceptions toward cultural diversity and unity,” she noted.

The project will also empower local organisations by providing skills training and necessary materials, enabling them to operate sustainable businesses. The proceeds from these businesses will be shared on a percentage basis to ensure continuous support and growth.

Join Hands 2 Save a Baby is a foundation established by Madam Jarjue in September 2013 to support and contribute to improving maternity units in The Gambia.

Amie was inspired to establish the ‘Join Hands 2 Save A Baby’ after visiting her brother’s wife at the Brikama Health Centre. There, she realised that the maternity ward was below acceptable standards.

The foundation has powerful and committed members/volunteers in the UK and The Gambia, and their endless support contributed immensely to achieving their goals in this journey. The foundation also works closely with over twenty women’s associations (KAFOs) countrywide to support She-Trades and sensitisation of health and civil rights.

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