Wuli East Independent candidate speaks


By Omar Bah Muhammed K Bajaha, an independent candidate in the Wuli East Constituency has spoken on the role of parliamentarians and his plans if elected as the constituency representative in the upcoming National Assembly election. He said one of parliament’s main roles is to examine and challenge the work of the government through questioning ministers, debating and committee work and as well as find out why new laws are made and how they are developed. “My initial plans were to contest under GMC tickets, but unfortunately Mai Fatty decided to choose someone from another village. This didn’t stop me from contesting because my intentions are very clear. I want to represent my constituency and nothing can change that,” he said. “I will not promise anything other than good representation at the parliament. All I can promise is that I will represent you well in the parliament when it comes to enacting laws and other related issues concerning the constituency,” he told a rally in Saho Medina. Inspired by the ‘endless suffering’ that he has witnessed in the past few years under Jammeh, the aspiring NAM has vowed to put an end to ‘selfish representation’, in the parliament. “If you elect me, I will only support bills that will serve the interest of the nation and not the interest of an individual,” he said. Konteh said he has developed five thematic areas under which he intended to address the challenges of the area if given the nod. These include employment for the youth, sanitation, education, roads, drainage and health. He stated that he would liaise with the assembly and other stakeholders to improve the lives of the constituents. He particularly called on the young people and women in the constituency to rally behind him and for the first time elect a determined young person like him to represent them in Parliament.]]>