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Teacher defends Halifa against driver’s claims of sabotage

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By Omar Bah Yankuba Sissoho, a teacher, has responded to Omar Susso, a driver who recently questioned Halifa Sallah’s position in the government, saying the driver got everything wrong. The driver questioned whether Halifa Sallah is or against the President Barrow-led Coalition government after he turned down the chance to be minister and then challenged the bill to increase the age-limit. Responding to the driver’s claims, Mr Sissoho said the drivers comments totally misrepresented what Halifa Sallah said. “Sorry to say, but I believe this particular driver must have been suffering from an intellectual problem.Because I believe what is not constitutional is just not constitutional. “I stand to be corrected, but I believe that he (Halifa) was not consulted when they were taking the bill to parliament. If he was consulted he would have told them it was illegal. “What I want my friend driver to know is that Halifa has ever been in support of the Coalition since its initiation and in fact if it was not his blessing together with Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang and others, there would be no Coalition in the first place,” he stressed. Regarding the ministerial issue, Mr Sissoho said it was a personal choice for Halifa to make or not to make. “I particularly have no problem with his decision to contest for the parliamentarian seat. He will be very useful in there because parliament is not like a Bantaba or a political forum where you talk about politics, but issues of national interest which is Halifa’s prime concern,” he said. He said Halifa wouldn’t have made all the sacrifices he made during the political impasse if he was not in for the Coalition government. “We should put our differences aside and work towards developing the country, branding others as heroes and putting blames on Halifa Sallah is not fair,” he concluded.]]>

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