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YJAG award seeks to enhance vibrancy, participation

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Speaking during the presentation of the award to Kebba Jeffany at the organisation’s seventh year anniversary celebrations, he said: “This award is meant to recognise the contributions and selfless efforts of members who have made sacrifices that helped a lot in the achievement of our objectives .We hope that this will serve as an encouragement to other journalist and members to emulate the receiver of this award. This will gives us renewed vigour and increase participation. We have had a challenge with lack of participation because most members do not attend meetings. We hope from now on that people will be more active and work harder to achieve our aims.”

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Commenting on the award, the recipient Kebba Jeffany said: “I first thank the Almighty God for making me the lucky one to win this award which has been previously won by many people. This is a total surprise to me as I was never thinking about it. It is me who is lucky to win the 4th Annual Founder President award but many of us deserve it as far as commitment and vibrant membership is concerned. 

“Being an executive is a big task especially in a journalism organisation simply because everyone is a watchdog and you have to do a lot to win the trust of members which is very necessary. As a reporter, there are so many works one needs to do daily to be able to file quality news for the public which itself is not easy much more taking other responsibilities. But with patience and perseverance it possible. In the same vein, I call on the general membership to also be more committed and hold the executive accountable for better delivery.” 


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