Youths embark on massive cleansing exercise in Bansang


By Omar Bah

Residents of Bansang in the Central River Region, CRR under the leadership of Dawda Kawsu Jawara, the National Assembly Member for Fulladou West, recently held a massive cleansing exercise, locally known as setsettal.

The voluntary exercise was attended by the youths and some village elders.
The volunteers took time to remove rubbish from various locations and unauthorised dumpsites in the village, “especially the gutters.”


Speaking at the exercise, the UDP NAM for Fulladou West, also a native, said he deemed it necessary to organise the cleansing excise, “because the town was rotting with trash all over.”



He also expressed delight at the participation of the Bansang youth and thanked the elders and those who contributed towards the success of the cleansing excise, which he said will address the issue of diseases, especially during the rainy season.

Hon Jawara also used the opportunity to call on the Bansang Area Council to give more support to the communities, by providing them with mobility to carry away the rubbish to the official dumpsites.
He also advised the youth to desist from engaging in illegal activities, such as drug abuse and illegal migration.
He said henceforth he will continue to mobilise the youth of Bansang in the fight against malaria and other related diseases.

“During my tenure as national assembly member Bansang and the entire Fulladou should expect a lot of developmental surprises from me,” he said.
The newly elected NAM also visited the NAWEC office in Bansang.

“During my visit I discussed at length with the staff and I was made to understand that the machines they are using to serve the whole of CRR are equivalent to the ones some of our hotels are using,” he said.
He said many people are having misconception about NAWEC, “I think the fact of the matter is that, NAWEC were not better equipped over the years and until that changes we will continue to suffer from electricity problem.”
Honourable Jawara also promised to take it up by himself to ensure that a better machine is provided for uninterrupted electricity supply in CRR in the near future.