2 pharmaceutical companies in court over brand name

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By Bruce Asemota

SYNCOM Formulations (India) Limited has instituted a civil suit against Alaa MOHAJER trading as City Pharmacy and the Registrar General to the High Court.

SYNCOM is seeking the High Court’s declaration to prevent the Registrar General from registering the trademark ‘DICLOCI’ in the Gambia on behalf of City Pharmacy or any of his agents without its consent or authority.


SYNCOM is therefore seeking for an injunction to restrain City Pharmacy whether by themselves, their servants or agents or otherwise from selling or offering the sale of ‘DICLOCI’ tablets and painkiller tablets packaged bearing the name or made to look like SYNCOM Formulations tablets known as “DYCLOSA”.

During a recent court sitting, the counsel for the plaintiff Ida Drammeh told the High Court presided over by Justice Ebrima Jaiteh that the Registrar General has not filed anything and wishes to rely on the plaintiff (SYNCOM Formulations Limited) documents.

In his reaction, Lawyer Lamin S. Camara, the counsel for Alaa MOHAJER trading as City Pharmacy informed the court that they are objecting to the power of attorney given to Kairaba Pharmaceuticals Limited by the plaintiff (SYNCOM Formulations Limited) and may object to the documents provided if the original documents are not made available to them.

Lawyer Ida Drammeh told the court that notice to produce some documents had been served on the Registrar General.

The case continues on the 16th January, 2023 for hearing.