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3 Baddibu boys missing in Libya

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A source in Italy has told The Standard that three Gambian boys from Baddibu are missing in Libya.
Famara Conteh, a Gambian migrant in Italy, said the three juveniles—Lalo Conteh, Batubou Camara and Samboujang Conteh alias Babadinho—left The Gambia shortly after Ramadan a year ago headed for Libya.
According to Famara, who claimed to be brother to Lalo, the trio had first arrived in the troubled Libyan city of Sabratha where they intended to cross to Italy but have since gone MIA.

“Until today, we haven’t heard from them. We don’t know anything about their whereabouts. We have contacted the agent in Libya who said the boat that took them reached Italy but this is a lie. They were from the same the village of Bani in the Lower Baddibu district,” Conteh said.
He said no one knows whether they are kidnapped or worse, dead but pleaded to have the information spread to locate them.

“Their parents are worried about them. We this to be published in Standard so that people could help us and their parents find out what happened to them,” he pleaded.
Anyone who has information about the boys could reach Famara on +393510659881.

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