3 more Africans held for ‘illegal stay’


One of the detainees is a Gambian citizen while the two others are from Liberia and Ivory Coast, said Major Maksudul Alam, assistant director of Rab legal and media wing. 

A team of the elite force raided a house at Uttara sector-10 around 6:00am and detained the trio, as they failed to produce any valid documents, the Rab official said.

The detention came a day after a Rab team picked up three Africans from Moghbazar on the same charge.


Earlier on November 14, detectives held 31 Africans on the same charges.

This crackdown is part of the drive carried out by law enforcement agencies to catch foreign nationals overstaying in Bangladesh without legal papers.

Officials at the Special Branch of Police said there are thousands of  foreigners, mostly from African and South East Asian nations, are living in the country illegally for years.

Around 8,000 nationals of different African countries are involved in killing, mugging, smuggling, fake note manufacturing and running illegal VOIP business in Dhaka, the sources said.