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3 Years Jotna: Accountability measure

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The talk on everyone’s lips nowadays is the issue of the Three Years Jotna movement. This is a movement which is calling on President Adama Barrow to honour his promise to step down at the end of three years.

They posit that as far as the Coalition campaigned on ruling for only three years and organising free and fair election where there will be a level playing field, they should respect that and step down in December 2019 which will mark three years since the Coalition government came to power.

After winning the presidential election in 2016, President Barrow initially proclaimed that he will honour the agreement but later reneged on that declaration and said that whether people liked it or not, he will stay for the full five years which is what the Constitution stipulates.

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The debate was reignited last Wednesday when the United Democratic Party (UDP) made their stance clear by calling on President Barrow to step down in December.

The whole nation went into overdrive as it were because inter alia, the Leader and Secretary General of the UDP, Lawyer Ousainu Darboe had declared that whoever said Barrow should serve for only three years, will answer to him in court.

Given the brouhaha that ensued after Darboe’s statement, the Three Years Jotna Movement told The Standard Newspaper that all they want is to demonstrate and show their frustration over President Barrow’s disregard of his own promise.

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They said that they are not intent on causing any form of violence in the country as the country belongs to all and its destruction will not benefit anyone.

The issue of three years or five years is such that only dialogue can resolve it. There needs to be an open and honest dialogue between the governors and the governed. Every citizen knows that this country can only progress if there is peace and tranquility. Thus, it is essential that all stakeholders take it seriously and dialogue to find a lasting solution to it.

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