5 dead, 8000 affected by floods


By Lamin Cham

Five people have died and 8000 more were affected by devastation caused by recent floods across the country, an official statement said yesterday.
According to a statement singed by the Vice President Overseer Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, the government through the National Disaster Management Agency has conducted a rapid assessment of the affected communities, which reveals massive internal displacements, damage to public and private properties including a bridge and submerging of farmlands.

“The government has since mobilized some support and will continue to explore increased support from local partners in order to respond to the plight of the affected communities,” the statement said.
The statement added that other efforts will include high level visit to the affected communities by the VP Overseer among other cabinet ministers to get closer to the people in this hour of need.
The government assured the affected population of its commitment to provide them with the needed humanitarian support.


Meanwhile, Madam Tambajang yesterday headed to show support with the Kaur/Kuntaur flood victims with a government delegation which includes NDMA, CDS Kinteh, the ministers of works, health and communications, and the representative of the IGP.