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A chat with Moe Blac

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My name is Muhammed Momar Mbowe, born in The Gambia. I have lived in a couple of countries around the world since I was five years old and came back home in 2008. My passion used to be rapping but now it’s video production and I love what I do. So to me it’s not a job, it’s fun. 


How did you start Banjul Night Live (BNL)?

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BNL started with me and one of my ex-wives. When he was appointed at GRTS, Lamin Manga approached me and my partner Bankie about producing a TV show for GRTS. As the head of the video department at Hot Ink Media I know the amount of work involved and told Bankie, ‘yo I don’t think we should do it unless we got the funds’. But when I got married to my ex who also happened to be in the media doing TV ads and such, I wanted to step it up with a TV show, she convinced me to do it. Being who I am and loving what I do, I just focused all my time and energy into making BNL a quality TV show. 


There have been online media reports that you have been divorced five times including with former BNL presenter Ida Bidwell. Why have you left behind a series of failed marriages?

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It’s so funny that on these sites people always bring her up, and the Gambian TMZ… Well, I guess they just love putting up stories about me and my life. I guess it’s just that in my generation when something is broken, we don’t fix it. We rather throw it away and get a new one which is very sad. And that goes for both males and females. Also people tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side instead of appreciating what they have. So I guess I just did not live up to what they expected. Maybe I am too nice and ladies see that as a weakness. I have to quote my favourite artistes Andre 3000 who said “thank God for moms and dads for sticking true together cause we don’t know how”.


With your fame and good looks, you must be on the receiving end of interminable love proposals from girls, don’t you?


Funny question… Naa, man, it’s not even that serious. I am just focused on my work, business, my nieces, and family. 


 What are your hobbies?

Right now working. Period. And when I have free time I love watching movies. And just chilling.


Where do you see BNL in the next five years and how do you get money to sustain it?

In five years, BNL will be on more platforms around the world. We recently got picked up by Ben TV in the UK so we are just trying to get the show on more international TV channels. So far in season two BNL unfortunately has no sponsors. Which is sad but I can’t blame anyone cause what I have seen in The Gambia is that it is all about who you know and who you can suck up to not about talent or quality. So with that in mind, we are going the international route in the hope  of attracting international sponsors. Once the international world accepts us, then you will see Gambian companies running towards us. So as of now BNL is being funded by us the team. We pay for everything on our own. I am lucky to have such loyal people that see the bigger picture and looking at the future and not just the right now. 


What are the challenges you face with the show?

Of course funding. And also equipment. But God is good and insh’Allah we will get there and once we do have real money and more equipment, believe me, people will see the enhancement of the show.


If you had one wish to be granted what will that be?

My wish would be to go back and be married once with 5 kids. 



Final words?

Thanks for the interview. Thanks to all who support me and BNL. Thanks to Saul Frazer of Global Properties the only one so far in season two to have given us some support. We need more people like him. Thanks to GRTS for we can’t do this without them. Thanks to Ben TV for putting us on. Thanks to all the BNL team the crew, Afrodeezy Njie and Mariama Kassama, the writers in (UK, US you know who you are), the fans all over the world. Thanks to all that don’t like me. I pray for them. God is good. God is great. Oh and check us out www.banjulnightlive.com Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @banjulnightlive




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