Activist says Sabally’s statement should not warrant his arrest

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By Omar Bah

Pa Samba Jow, an activist and social commentator, has urged the police to immediately release Momodou Sabally, saying the statement that he is purportedly being investigated about should not warrant his arrest.

The UDP campaign manager was arrested on Wednesday in connection with a video in circulation in which he allegedly said they will remove the president from power before the local government elections.


Commenting on the arrest in a write-up shared with The Standard, Jow said: “I have listened to the purported audio responsible for Sabally’s arrest, and have people whose Mandinka are much better than mine listen to it, and there is nothing said that should warrant his arrest. I have argued here that this government cannot continue to arrest people for making mere statements, particularly members of the media, politicians, etc. 

“We, as citizens, cannot continue to look the other way just because those affected are not our friends. It started with Dr. Ceesay, today it is Sabally, just like it was Madi Jobarteh the other day.

Mr. Sabally must be released unconditionally; he hasn’t committed any crimes. His arrest is an aberration and therefore must be condemned by all justice-loving Gambians. President Barrow and his government must understand that the old Jammeh tricks of silencing perceived opponents will not work in today’s Gambia. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” he stated.