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‘AFPRC was a criminal syndicate’


Ebou Jallow, the controversial former member of the AFPRC junta who resigned suddenly and fled to US in 1995, has been explaining his decision to quit as well as denying that he ever stole money as alleged by Jammeh and the council at the time.

Mr Jallow who was recently much talked about over a 35-million dollar Taiwan loan at the Janneh Commission, made these comments on his Facebook page addressed to his former boss Yahya Jammeh.
In the post, Jallow said: “To Jammeh, Babili Mansa, I resigned in 1995 when I knew the AFPRC was a criminal syndicate. You tried to tarnish my name, and took me to court, charged me under Gambian law, and the Swiss magistrate Madam Stickle-Cicurel handed an impeccable judgment that says: ‘Captain Ebou Jallow has committed no infraction of the law…’ and today I stand vindicated. You are a murderer, a liar and a thief according to the same people who were kissing you’re a** yesterday.

Meanwhile, in a previous write up, Mr Jallow also described the junta as a criminal enterprise.
“The AFPRC was a criminal syndicate and no amount of a revisionist’s historicizing can alter that fact. Murder, grand larceny and mendacity were executed under the AFPRC regime and the least that former junta members can do before the Janneh Commission is to show some remorse, be brutally honest, and ask for forgiveness for ruining the country, saying ‘mistakes were made’, expressing memory lapses, and re-litigating commissions of crimes are nothing but insults to the Gambian public, and the Janneh commissioners. Only the truth shall set you free.”

Mr Jallow was the spokesman of the Junta but fled the country in November 1995, claiming the junta could not run the country. He was immediately declared wanted and accused of stealing 3 million dollars of public funds, a charge he denies up to this day.

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