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AG should take a good look at the Jungler issue

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By Yusupha Bojang

Let president Barrow and his justice minister take a look at what the authorities in Sudan are doing about service personnel who abused their powers by killing innocent protesters.

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Security personnel in Sudan who are alleged to have killed innocent protesters are being dismissed from the security services and arraigned before normal courts of law to answer for the crimes that they are alleged to have committed.

This was how justice should have been served in The Gambia to deal with the legacy of the Jammeh dictatorship.

And security personnel serving in our security services who are alleged to have committed murders and tortures should be removed from our security services.

The president, The Attorney General and the TRRC do not have the powers to set free self confessed murderers and torturers of the Jammeh dictatorship.

It’s the duty of the government to dispense justice, uphold the laws of the land and be seen to be ruling the country in the national interest.

The president and the attorney general cannot set free security officers who deliberately killed innocent Gambians for political reasons in the name of a stupid commission called the TRRC.

And murderers and torturers should not continue to be serving in our security services.

The Gambia does not belong to president Barrow and the Attorney General.

The government is not suppose to engage in lazy and silly actions that are clearly a danger to our national security, undermining the justice system in the country and a slap in the face of the victims and their families.

Perhaps if the president and his open mouthed Attorney General don’t know what their duties and responsibilities are, someone should remind them of what should be done and how it ought to be done.

Families of the victims of the Jammeh dictatorship should hire lawyers and sue the state in the event that this deplorable government decided to free the security personnel who deliberately killed their loved ones.

Cold blooded murderers should not be set free by the president and his overwhelmed Attorney General.

And families of the victims whose loved ones were killed and tortured by the security personnel who are still serving in our security services should sue the government for gross negligence and continuing to employ murderers and torturers.

I wonder what the National Assembly think of the stupid decision by the Attorney General to set free criminals who deliberately killed innocent Gambians for political reasons?
I wonder what the opposition politicians think of the abhorrent idea of the government to set free security personnel who killed innocent Gambians for political reasons?
The so called human rights activists and the civic societies in the country.

The idea to set free the perpetrators of state sponsored terrorism (premeditated and cold blooded murderers of innocent Gambians) is total madness.

And it should not be allowed to happen.

I don’t think that the president and the Attorney General would be talking about setting free these murderers were their family members brutally killed by these criminals.

No amount of compensation will substitute for justice to be served.

The terrible idea to set free the Jammeh murderers is borne out of the desperation of the Attorney General to make up for his stupid leadership of our justice ministry.

The political transition of The Gambia is in shambles.

The Attorney General should be sacked and the stupid TRRC abandoned.


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