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Alagie Saidy-Barrow says he did not defend gay rights

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The former lead investigator at the TRRC, Alagie Saidy-Barrow has said he has not called for a defence of gay rights contrary to what is being peddled.
Mr Saidy-Barrow was in the news earlier this week when he made a spirited defence of Kanifing Estate Mosque imam Baba Leigh who is also a member of the human rights commission that wanted the government to defend the rights of LBGT persons.

Apparently some misconstrued this as indicating Mr Saidy-Barrow was pro-gay.
Last evening he sent a statement to The Standard clarifying: “Last night, a sister called me because someone went and told her that I was defending gay rights on Facebook. This afternoon, my family also called to say the same thing and lamented that people are calling them from all over complaining about me defending gay rights! Sadly, all the people peddling these lies about me cannot point to a single instance to prove their lies.

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“On the post they reference, there’s not a single word there that referenced gays or said anything whatsoever about gay rights. Some hypocrites that refused to read or that want to lie tried to come and make their silly conclusions but when asked to show one instance where I defended gay rights, they quickly ran away because they got caught in their lies.
“Sadly the people that are going around spreading these lies about me to my parents claim to be doing so in defence of Islam! How cursed must one be to be defending Islam with lies?

What I said and I will say anywhere and at anytime is that some of the people attacking Imam Baba Leigh, especially some of the APRC minions, are unrepentant hypocrites because they were the very same people cheering Yahya Jammeh knowing he is a killer, a rapist and a thief.

I stand by my views and challenge anyone to show me anywhere where I’ve defended gay rights or whatever rights. Islam certainly does not need your lies to be defended…”

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