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Ambassador Daramy joins Sierra Leonean Muslim in Ramadan prayers

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After the Friday congregational prayers which was attended by at least 400 Sierra Leonean citizens, Ambassador Daramy presented a ‘Ramadan package’ as his contribution to his Muslim brothers and sisters. The package contained bags of rice, onions, sugar and gallons of cooking oil.

Speaking through his head of chancery, Ambassador Daramy said it was not the size of the package that mattered but the spirit behind it, noting that he was not religion biased as his duty was to serve all and sundry regardless of race, colour or party affiliation. “It is as a result of that that I am associating myself with you during this holy month of fasting.” 

He took the opportunity to inform them of a nationwide registration of all Sierra Leoneans living in The Gambia, including those imprisoned and admitted in hospitals. 

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Receiving the items on behalf of the community, Imam Sheikh Malik expressed his gratitude to the ambassador and his wife and the staff of the embassy. He observed that since the establishment of the mosque, the Embassy has always rendered it support.

“On behalf of the entire Muslim jama’at here in The Gambia, I call upon Allah’s blessings and protection upon President Ernest Bai Koroma and the people of our beloved country,” Imam Malik said while promising the items will be used for the intended purposes.

In a separate development, Ambassador Daramy officially presented his letters of credentials to the vice president at State House on Tuesday.


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